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It’s Time to Celebrate! A word for 2021

Written Nov 20th 2020

I see a champagne bottle bursting open… 🍾
There’s a gold burst representing finances (the champagne spray was gold liquid)

2021 WILL be a good year
No more doom and gloom
I am the Lord and I say – I SAY – no more!

Like the Jews and the Egyptians

I LOVE my people too much to keep them there

It’s time to get up and go

It’s time to celebrate! Celebrate my children!

For I am a good, good Father

And I am sooo in love with my people

I see a strong masculine thigh on a horse 🐎 … like a trained athlete with a single purpose

It’s Jesus

My Christian people and those who say they’re mine but their hearts are not…


Don’t mess with me. The enemy, Satan should know better.
I will protect you.

In this next season people will witness my strength in ways they have not seen before.

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